Section Seminar January 13-15

In January, Quinipissa Lodge will be hosting the Section Leadership Seminar at Camp Avondale. Section Seminar is a weekend full of leadership trainings design to assist and develop the current and up and coming leaders from across our Section. This event will provide everything from how to run a meeting, to effective event plan, even…


Conclave Competitions

Registration forms for 2016 Conclave Competitions/Evaluations are available now! This year at Conclave, we will hold three main competitions: Ceremonies, Dance, and Publications. In order to complete, lodges must fill out the forms located here by April 8th.

Section Merchandise

This year, the Council of Chiefs has decided to three exclusive, Section-branded items: hats, t-shirts, and belt buckles. The money earned from these sales will go directly into the Linley J. Collins Scholarship fund which scouts can apply for to help pay for events like OA High Adventure, Nation Jamboree OA Staff, NOAC, etc. Prices…


Welcome to Our New Site!

Hello and welcome to the SR-1A website. Information is up about Conclave 2016 A New Time of Testing, and registration will be posted soon. The most current forms for Officer Elections, competitions etc. are also in the process of being uploaded so please watch for those as they apply to you. By February 15th, the…